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"Woah. How long is that flight?" It's a question I often hear when sharing about our travels to Australia from Kansas. As often as I have heard that question I haven't really given it much thought. Usually some quick mental math, including layovers for the standard social embellishment, I come up with the answer - "It's about 30 hours door to door." However the Australia (and rest of the world) that I knew as a kid, yes pre-inflight entertainment, is closer than it ever has been. Fortunately I have been working in technology ever since my first website design business that I started in college. The ability to work from anywhere I am with just my laptop and a decent internet connection, has most definitively shaped my worldview. Today distance separates us only physically, and really only for about 48 hours. We can text, chat, face-time, skype, email, snapchat, instagram or tweet our thoughts & surroundings to almost anyone, anytime. The world is a whole lot smaller than it used to be. That being said there have been some times where I have really missed having a developer down the street, or a community to go have some drinks with, or even just local events where people knew me. Working "remote" is hard, perhaps mentally & socially more than anything. Ultimately this has driven a few interesting thoughts that, once flushed out, I will add here. - Internet driven businesses have vastly different focuses on how they do business. - Communities & relationships are driven by quality, not quantity of interactions. - Prioritizing what is important to you (and your family) is key to living any multitude of lifestyles. - Building mental fortitude and good habits should be the focus of any remote worker. If you are following me from the beginning of this new writing journey, please let me know which of those sounds the most interesting! Cheers,

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