For those of us with a drive for adventure, mission, community, and a creative desire, this is the place for you. From the windy fields of Kansas to the salty air of Australia I have met some amazing people with passion for stewarding their businesses into success.


This is my corner of the web to dump ideas, meet new people, and engage those who are serious about stewarding their startup, business, or passion project to the next stage. 

Have fun, share a thought, and be a little cheeky. (that's Aussie slang for fun banter)

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I have founded several companies, and served several others. Currently my focused role is CTO for a Kansas technology startup, Alyss Analytics, focused on leveraging AI to measure & quantify personality insights. I have found an amazing community in Wichita, and it has allowed me to have a home-base while still exploring and challenging myself with disruptive ventures. I believe work is exciting, invigorating, and a fluid representation of who we are when aligned with our strengths and talents. In fact, we are helping people find just that connection with Alyss..

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